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G.K. Sprinkle, MA, APR is the Owner of G.K. Sprinkle Consulting a Lobbying and Speaking Organization based in Austin, TX.

Since 1982, G.K. has worked with companies and associations to understand trends and use that in shaping public policy and growing leadership in organizations. Her public policy strategy planning programs create positive change for business and communities. Her leadership and communication training prepares people and companies to manage change and innovation. She uses her experiences hiking and backpacking in the Grand Canyon as a source of stories and visuals in her presentations. And, she prepares customized leadership training seminars in the Grand Canyon for companies.

Prior to forming her own company, G.K. served as a communications specialist for the Mexican American Research Center where she produced training materials for small businesses. She also served as the media relations director for Women in Apprenticeship Program, Inc. where she devised a PR and media campaign to meet company placement goals within a six month start-up period.

G.K. develops strategic plans to help her clients. These plans include research on issues and trends, development of a coordinated lobby and grassroots campaign, and targeted legislation or agency actions. G.K. succeeded in getting several bills passed which powerful interest groups had declared DOA and got legislators to increase state funding for health and human services programs during times when other items were cut or kept level. Some of her clients include or have included: Texas Ambulance Association, Texas Association of Community Development Corporations, Daily Court Review/Houston, Daily Commercial Recorder/Dallas, the Texas Council on Family Violence, and the Texas Counseling Association.

A series of talks she presented to the local chapters of a statewide association led 28 out of 35 chapters to find legislative chairs and establish local legislative committees. These committees generated 100 to 200 letters to each of 35 members on two state policy committees and got language into major bills passed by the Texas Legislature. Her speaking clients include: Texas Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector, the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center, Bexar County Hospital, Clemson University, Texas Counseling Association, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, AMBUCS, and the Texas Public Relations Association.

Sprinkle’s professional writing includes opinion pieces and articles on the legislative process and specific issues before the Texas Legislature. Her publications appeared in major Texas newspapers, Texas Banking, Vista Magazine, and the Texas Observer. She developed a handbook on the workings of the Texas Legislature, legislative platform brochures, and a how-to newsletter for grassroots activists. GK lobbies the Texas Legislature for businesses, nonprofit associations and public interest groups.

G.K. has a Masters of Arts degree from Harvard University and is Accredited in Public Relations by the Public Relations Society of America. G.K. is also a member of the National Speakers Association and was 1997 Chapter member of the year in NSA-Heart of Texas Chapter of NSA. She is an avid fan of the Grand Canyon and does personal, group backpacking, and leadership training seminars in the Grand Canyon. Through Grand Canyon Hiking Fun, G.K. leads others into remote areas of the canyon. She provides hikers with talks on the geology, fossils, and ecology of the canyon.

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